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What to Expect from New AC Installation in Miami

The average air conditioning system can be expected to last approximately 12-15 years; however, air conditioners in warm, coastal regions, including Miami, may have shorter lifetimes because they are under higher year-round strain. Taking good care of your air conditioner by scheduling regular HVAC maintenance and calling for AC repair promptly is a great way to extend the lifetime of your system. However, all AC appliances will eventually lose efficiency and function, requiring replacement. When it’s time to schedule a new AC installation in Miami, working with your professional air conditioning service is the best way to select the right unit for your unique needs and enjoy the benefits of your new investment for years to come.

Choosing Your New Unit

Before AC installation can begin, you must first select a new air conditioning system for your home. In most cases, homeowners opt to install a new system that is just like their old one for convenience; however, if you have been considering a different type of cooling system, such as a heat pump, now is a great time to talk to your AC service about your options. Additionally, you’ll need to determine the cooling capacity your new air conditioner should have—an air conditioner with too much or too little cooling capacity will not cool your home effectively, reducing comfort while causing your monthly utility costs to rise. Your AC installation service can perform a quick evaluation of your home’s needs to determine the size of the new unit you should buy.

Installing Your New Unit

Professional installation is one of the very best ways to ensure you get the greatest longevity and efficiency from your newly-purchased air conditioning system. Proper installation is the key to enjoying your air conditioning system immediately, as well as minimizing future problems that can be caused by poorly-connected ducts or improper electrical connections. AC installation takes just a few hours from beginning to end. Your AC installation service will first remove your old unit, then install the new one, checking all electrical components, air intake vents, and ductwork. If you’ve opted to include an additional home comfort product, such as a whole-home dehumidifier or air purifier, this can be installed alongside your new air conditioner quite easily. In many cases, new air conditioners include a new thermostat; alternatively, you may have opted to upgrade your thermostat at the same time for even greater convenience and energy savings. Your AC installation service will include thermostat installation, then the entire system is tested to ensure it is working properly. If you’d like a few tips on how to get the most from your new appliance, your AC technician will be happy to explain how to use your new thermostat and cooling system for the best results.

Our comprehensive AC services include AC repair, AC maintenance, and new AC installation in Miami to help you enjoy a comfortable and energy-efficient home. Your HVAC technician will help you select the right type of unit for your home from among the leading HVAC brands so you can enjoy the latest home comfort technology and energy savings. We invite you to check out the information on our website to find out more about our products, services, and ARS® guarantees, or click through our blog to read through the latest home comfort information, tips, and news.

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