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Basic air filters don’t remove a large portion of the airborne particles that are found in your indoor air supply. That’s why at ARS Miami, we offer whole home air cleaners that can provide a greater level of protection. These more advanced filters are installed directly into the same tracks where the normal filters would usually go.

The air cleaners work to polarize the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air. As they pass through your HVAC system, the VOCs become attracted to other polarized particles and grow larger. Because of this, they are unable to pass through the filters and they are caught by a polarized pad with a charcoal center screen.

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Miami HVAC Products Providing Improved Indoor Air Quality

Whole home air cleaners can offer you:

  • Comfort: Over time, these air cleaners reduce dust and help keep your home cleaner.
  • Protection of your health: Many of the particles that these specialized filters catch include allergens, bacteria, and viruses.
  • Protection of your HVAC system: Dust and pollutants built up in your HVAC system can actually affect its performance. Having less buildup can help extend the life of your system and also enhance its energy efficiency.

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